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FortHoodFun.com now gets over 450,000 hits each month! That is more than 3X the population of Killeen! Don't miss that new customer, with 20,000 Soldiers coming and going from Foth Hood EVERY MONTH dont miss out!

You have to stay on your game and heres the
TRUTH. Radio works pretty good and we under stand that. We all know the traffic jams around Fort Hood and Killeen are EPIC. I am one of those guys after PT and going home at 1700 (5pm). Todays new young people live on there phones, 87% of our hits are from tablets and smart phones! Computers and laptops are dying out.

Of the 87% from tablets and smart phones. Guess whos looking at Forthoodfun's site? 67% are women, thats right! The proud wives of our GREAT American Soldiers. The ones that do the bills and spend the money!

These are the facts we have been given by our website hoster and Google AdSense.


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